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Our record speaks for itself.

0000X Queue number achieved for our satisfied client.

SGOBF can help you to finally own a new HDB flat if you have been unsuccessful in previous HDB BTO/SBF balloting or HDB Open Booking of Flats (OBF). Read on...

  • The above picture shows what it's like when Open Booking of Flats (OBF) application starts.

  • First-come-first-served basis for OBF means a 100m sprint to the finishing line with thousands of other runners, so...

  • You took charge and ran as fast as possible in the previous OBF races and yet...


  • Got a poor queue number and missed out your shortlisted units.

  • When the next race starts, do you want to be at the front like in the picture or...

  • Be among thousands out of the picture, stuck in a jam somewhere behind?


  • SGOBF will put you inside that picture when the OBF race starts.

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Crossing the finishing line with SGOBF.


Collecting your trophy.

Our Service

SGOBF is a service that helps you to submit your HDB Open Booking of Flats (OBF) online application on HDB official platform. If you have difficulties with your computer, mobile, internet speed or any other reasons, it is completely legitimate to have someone else to help you out. Here's some key points with regards to our service:

  • The OBF application process is simple enough for anyone to do on their own, the key is how fast you can complete the application to get a good queue number for an early appointment to choose your preferred unit.


  • If you have not applied OBF before, you may want to try it out yourself first to understand the experience. Those who have tried and failed to select their preferred unit may have a better appreciation of how our service can help them.

  • In the seconds leading to the opening of OBF application, we too wait behind the starting line just like thousands of other applicants in a fair manner to submit your application legitimately. While there is no sure-win cheat mode, we do have a competitive edge over others with our speed and expertise.

  • All OBF applicants will be able to get a queue number regardless of whether they use our service or not. Our service does not, in any way, deny other applicants a queue number in their OBF applications.

  • As the saying goes "past performance is no guarantee of future results", we do not guarantee success despite our proven track records, but unlike other professional services, you will lose nothing monetarily except the $10 OBF application fee. We guarantee full refund if you did not get to book your preferred unit with this queue number.   

  • Our goal is to help you get a queue number that will allow you to select a preferred unit from your shortlist.

  • This is a private service and we do not claim to be affiliated with, or endorsed by HDB. HDB is aware of our service and does not explicitly state that applicants are not allowed to seek help to submit their online applications in a legitimate manner. It is only logical that HDB do not endorse or discourage the usage of this service since HDB is not a party to a service contract that is signed by only you and us.

This premium service caters exclusively to a very limited number of clients to help them get their preferred unit in a risk-free, proven approach.


As your authorised representative, we can help you in your journey to get your dream home. Like property agents, interior designers etc, our service is optional and you can choose to DIY or utilise our expertise for optimal results.


Kindly refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to find out more or contact us if you are interested.