How reliable is your service?

Our 000X queue numbers achieved in OBF are achieved through our experience, speed and expertise in OBF, not luck. We have always successfully achieved a queue number within target queue number ranges set by our clients and we will continue to strive for the best results.

How much is your service fee?

Everyone's target range differs according to their housing needs and preferences, as well as the availability of flats in every OBF. Therefore, you decide on the service fee to offer based on how much you value the chance to get your shortlisted units through your set target ranges. We do not set a fixed fee though there may be recommendations if you need.

Is this legit?

Just as you helping your computer-illiterate or impaired parents/relatives/friends with their online applications, we can help applicants who are unable to type fast in their application, with their permission of course. Clients who are accepted, at our meet-up appointment, are required to sign off an authorisation letter designating us as their authorised representative to help them with their OBF application.

Do you need to login with my SingPass?

No, we do not need your SingPass to help you.

Are there any risks?

You do not stand to lose anything except the non-refundable $10 OBF application fee paid to HDB. A legally binding service agreement, understood and endorsed by you during our meet-up appointment, will form the basis of our arrangement. You can also submit your own application even if we are helping you at the same time. In the event we do not achieve a queue number within your target range, a full refund of payment within 24hr is guaranteed.

How do we use your service?

Kindly contact us and we will get back to you on whether our service can cater to your needs.

Do you need my credit card details?

No, we don't need your credit card information.

What particulars do I need to provide?

During our meet-up appointment, you will need to provide the same information required to submit your BTO, SOBF or OBF online applications on HDB official platform. No sensitive information will be stored on our system after every OBF application. Your anonymity is our priority. All information provided are strictly for the purpose of your OBF application only. We understand the importance of our clients' privacy and will spare no efforts to ensure the security of our clients' personal information entrusted to us in good faith.

How does your service makes sense?

Without luck or speed to get a subsidised priced flat, your only option would be the pricey resale market. If you have to pay COV to buy a 'used' flat at a high resale market price, why not use it for an ideal queue number to buy a new OBF flat at a subsidised price instead? Even without COV, our fee plus OBF flat price would still be way lower than a comparable resale flat valuation. See below where our service fits in your current options: Build-to-Order (BTO)

  • Must be very lucky to get a good queue number
  • Very long waiting time
  • Subsidised flat price
Sale of Balance Flats (SBF)
  • Must be very lucky to get a good queue number
  • Long to short waiting time or ready-built (depends on availability)
  • Subsidised flat price
Open Booking of Flats (OBF)
  • Must be very fast to get a good queue number
  • Short waiting time or ready-built (depends on availability)
  • Subsidised flat price
Open Booking of Flats (With Our SGOBF Service)
  • We'll help you achieve a queue number within your target range
  • Short waiting time or ready-built (depends on availability)
  • Subsidised flat price
Comparable Resale (5yr old MOP flat)
  • Not 'new' flat
  • Ready-built
  • High resale market flat price
  • Possibly COV required

What is target queue number range?

Say if you shortlisted 50 OBF units and set a target range of 1-50, any queue number we achieved within this range should get you one of your shortlisted units.

Why do you not set a fee for your service?

We understand this is a rather unconventional fee model and some may be unsure of what to offer. There is no price/fee list or such because we are not selling flats or queue numbers. This is also not a 'highest bid wins it all' like eBay because your target range is an important factor in deciding whether we can help you. The value of our service varies and is intangible, only you can determine it's worth.

Can you submit a randomly filled application just to be fast?

Unfortunately no. Any applications to HDB should be submitted with true and correct particulars which are provided by you during the meet-up appointment if your offer is accepted by us. Submitting false and/or suppressing information in the application may result in disqualification by HDB. Even as a private service provider not affiliated or endorsed by HDB, we must still adhere to rules set by HDB, just as all other applicants do. Please note this HDB declaration during the OBF submission final step.

Why am I deemed ineligible for your service?

There are cases where it is unlikely for us to be able to successfully help applicants with certain circumstances (e.g. such as applicants under Single Scheme). In order to not waste both parties' time and effort, we believe it is best to decline such cases from the start to avoid disappointment at the end. We seek your understanding and wish you the best in your home hunting endeavors.