What about target queue number range?

Our previous system where clients set specific target queue number range is no longer meaningful now because HDB may not begin the OBF queue number with 00001 from September 2021 onwards. As such, our new system will focus on whether our client got their shortlisted unit or not, instead of the queue number itself.

How much is your service fee?

Eligible applicants will be submitting to us their own bid offers based on their shortlisted units during the client selection process. You will decide on the service fee to offer for the units you are willing to pay if you managed to book it. There are no fixed fee nor minimum bid. All applicants' bid offers and shortlists are strictly confidential. Applicants whose offers are selected will be accepted as our client.

Is this legit?

Just as you helping your computer-illiterate or impaired parents/relatives/friends with their online applications, we can help applicants who are unable to type fast in their application, with their permission of course. Clients who are accepted, at our meet-up appointment, are required to sign off an authorisation letter designating us as their authorised representative to help them with their OBF application.

Do you need to login with my SingPass?

No, we do not need your SingPass to help you.

Are there any risks?

You do not stand to lose anything except the non-refundable $10 OBF application fee paid to HDB. A legally binding service agreement, understood and endorsed by you during our meet-up appointment, will form the basis of our arrangement. In the event you did not managed to book your shortlisted unit with the queue number we applied on your behalf, a full refund of payment within 24hr is guaranteed.

How do we use your service?

Kindly submit the form at contact us for an initial assessment of your eligibility. We regret only applicants who are eligible for our service will be contacted.

Do you need my credit card details?

No, we don't need your credit card information.

What particulars do I need to provide?

If you are successfully accepted as our client, you will need to provide the same information required to submit your BTO, SOBF or OBF online applications on HDB official platform, during our meet-up appointment. We do not need to copy your NRIC. All sensitive personal information provided by clients are DESTROYED after every OBF application, we DO NOT store your data in our system. As such, we are immune to personal data breach that previously happened in SingHealth, SIA, Singtel, Starhub etc, because there are no nothing to be hacked. Your anonymity and data security are our priority. All information provided are strictly for the purpose of your OBF application only.

How does your service makes sense?

Without luck or speed to get a subsidised priced flat, your only option would be the pricey resale market. If you have to pay COV to buy a 'used' flat at a high resale market price, why not use it for an ideal queue number to buy a new OBF flat at a subsidised price instead? Our fee plus OBF flat price would still be way lower than a comparable resale flat valuation without COV. See below where our service fits in your current options: Build-to-Order (BTO)

  • Must be very lucky to get a good queue number
  • Very long waiting time
  • Subsidised flat price
Sale of Balance Flats (SBF)
  • Must be very lucky to get a good queue number
  • Long to short waiting time or ready-built (depends on availability)
  • Subsidised flat price
Open Booking of Flats (OBF)
  • Must be very fast to get a good queue number
  • Short waiting time or ready-built (depends on availability)
  • Subsidised flat price
Open Booking of Flats (With Our SGOBF Service)
  • We'll help you achieve a queue number to get your preferred unit
  • Short waiting time or ready-built (depends on availability)
  • Subsidised flat price
Comparable Resale (5yr old MOP flat)
  • Not 'new' flat
  • Ready-built
  • High resale market flat price
  • Possibly COV required

Can you get me queue number 1-10?

From September 2021 onwards, HDB may possibly begin the OBF queue with any number instead of 00001 in previous OBF. Apparently September 2021 OBF queue had started with 00011, meaning the fastest applicant was probably issued queue number 00011 instead of 00001. With this, specific queue numbers such as 1-10 is no longer meaningful since future OBF queue can now possibly start from any number (e.g. 00121 followed by 00122 and so on). However, this does not change what we strive to achieve for our clients. That is to get them as front as possible in the queue to increase their chance of booking their preferred unit, regardless of what number the queue begins with.

Can you submit a randomly filled application just to be fast?

Unfortunately no. Any applications to HDB should be submitted with true and correct particulars which are provided by you during the meet-up appointment if your offer is accepted by us. Submitting false and/or suppressing information in the application may result in disqualification by HDB. Even as a private service provider not affiliated or endorsed by HDB, we must still adhere to rules set by HDB, just as all other applicants do. Please note this HDB declaration during the OBF submission final step.

Why am I deemed ineligible for your service?

There may be cases where it is unlikely for us to be able to successfully help applicants with certain circumstances. In order to avoid wasting both parties' time and effort, resulting in undue disappointment, it is best to decline such cases from the start during the initial assessment. We seek your kind understanding for not able to reveal our selection methodology. You can still apply for OBF on your own without using our service.

What's next after initial assessment?

We will contact you via email if you are assessed to be eligible for our service. Eligible applicants will be guided through a client selection process where their shortlist, bid offer and other criteria are considered. Only applicants who are accepted as our client will be scheduled a meet-up appointment for the paperwork. Unfortunately due to very limited places, we regret that it is impossible to accept most applicants as our clients. This also allow us to focus on serving the best interest of our selected clients.

Can you advise me on my HDB eligibility?

You need to do your due diligence with the relevant agencies with regards to your eligibility to buy new flats, eligible schemes, 1st timer or 2nd timer, housing grants, HLE, housing loans, levy, CPF, income ceiling etc, to ensure everything is in order before considering our service. We are not in an official position to advise you on these matters.

How does your service work?

We will help you submit your OBF application online at HDB portal to get a queue number that placed you as front as possible in the queue, to increase your chance of booking a unit from your shortlist. Our service is considered successful only if you managed to book a unit from your shortlist with this queue number. Clients who are unable to do so, are guaranteed to have their payment fully refunded. To date, no clients who missed out their shortlisted units with our service, have ever been rejected for a refund of payment due to unsuccessful service.