HDB Open Booking of Flats (OBF) Key Points:


  • Flats available for OBF consists of unselected flats from previous SBF, flats forfeited by applicants who selected in previous SBF, and lastly old flats repossessed by HDB from owners.

  • There will only be 1 queue for all OBF flats regardless of flat types or estates.

  • Fresh supply of flats will be made available for OBF every March and September.

  • Queue number will be on first-come-first-served basis instead of balloting.

  • First-come-first-served means queue number sequence is allocated immediately according to how fast applicants complete the OBF application once it is open.

  • Booking of OBF flat starts as early as the same day afternoon depending on queue numbers.

  • No penalty will be imposed by HDB for not selecting a flat in OBF.


Source: HDB

While most flats in OBF are considered leftovers due to undesirable attributes, there can still be good units in desirable estates with racial ethnic quota available due to forfeits by previous applicants.
The September 2020 OBF featured projects for example, had not just low floor units but also mid to high floor ones too. See brochures. Hence it was no surprise when queue numbers hit 500+ in 5mins, 1200+ in 10mins, with the limited sought-after units all taken up on the first day of selection.

New flats in OBF also have much shorter waiting time compared to BTO and SBF, with some possibly already completed. As a result, OBF flat prices are inevitably higher than when they were released in BTO and SBF previously. Even so, it's still subsidised pricing and way cheaper than a Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) fulfilled 5 year-old flat in the resale market.

Unlike BTO and SBF balloting system where queue numbers are 100% luck based, you can increase your chance in OBF by engaging SGOBF to give you a helping hand.